Are you struggling to find the right buyers for your real estate deals? Let Express Property Solutions maximize the value of your investments by leveraging our network of experienced investors eager to invest in profitable real estate opportunities in the Chicagoland area.

Why Partner With Us?

1. **Extensive Investor Network**: We have a large network of seasoned, vetted investors who are ready to invest in projects like yours.

2. **Targeted Marketing**: Our team uses targeted marketing strategies to effectively showcase your real estate deals to the right audience. We leverage various channels, including digital platforms, industry events, and personal connections, to attract qualified investors.

3. **Expert Deal Structuring**: We understand that every real estate deal is unique. Our team excels in deal structuring and negotiation, ensuring that your deals are presented in the most appealing and lucrative manner to prospective investors.

4. **Streamlined Transaction Process**: From initial negotiations to closing the deal, we facilitate a smooth and efficient transaction process for both sellers and investors. Our goal is to minimize hassle and maximize value for all parties involved and achieve win-win outcomes that benefit both sellers and buyers.

In order to JV with Express Property Solutions you must be willing and able to provide and agree to the following criteria:

1. Submit your executed A-B contract.

2. Submit 20-30 photos in a Google link or Dropbox link.

3. Allow Express Property Solutions to run the transaction through Fidelity National Title.

4. Agree to 50/50 split, we take care of the marketing and transaction coordinating for you!

If you have a deal you’re ready to sell now and you meet the above criteria, simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

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